Pellet grills are taking the barbecue world by storm. These new-age grills are super convenient and can be used by both beginners to the BBQ world as well as experts. A pellet grill uses inch long wood pellets made from sawdust as the fuel source. These pellets are stored in a hopper and fed continuously into the fire pot where they are ignited. Pellet grills are very versatile, apart from Pellet smoker recipes; they can also be used as ovens and smokers. Pellet grills offer the convenience of electric smokers, the temperature and heat can be controlled with the touch of a button. They also offer the rich, smoky taste that charcoal grills are so well known for. This makes pellet grills the best option for those who want all the benefits of a charcoal smoker and all the convenience and ease of use of an electric smoker.

One of the most neglected topics, when it comes to BBQ, is proper maintenance of the grill. Even some seasoned pitmasters neglect to address this aspect of BBQ. It is very important to clean your grill after every use to prevent the by-products of barbecue and morsels of food from accumulating in your grill. If you do not clean your grill for long, these residual particles may end up falling into your next batch of BBQ. If you make sure to wipe down your grill after every use, you are sure to enjoy its full benefits each time you fire it up.

While pellet grills are much easier to clean than the traditional charcoal grill, they do require regular and thorough cleaning. The following pointers are sure to be useful while cleaning your pellet grill.

First, make sure your grill has completely cooled off from its last use. It is best to wait for 24 hours after using the grill. Next, get some soap; a mild dishwashing soap would do the job. Do not use any abrasive cleaners or very strong dishwashing soaps. Fill up a bucket with water and the soap. Place the racks on your pellet grill and the chimney cap in this mixture. While it is soaking, you can use a wooden spoon or any non-metallic tool you can get your hands on, to scrape the inside of the chimney and get rid of any residue sticking to the walls. Use the non-metallic tool to scrape the drain and make sure all the built-up residue has been dislodged. Once the racks and chimney cap have soaked for a while, you can take them out of the water and wipe them down with a disposable rag.

Make sure you do not get the inside of your grill wet and do not use any kind of oven cleaners on your pellet grill. The above cleaning routine is quite elaborate and can be carried out once every five uses. A preliminary cleaning with a slightly damp cloth is enough after every use. A clean pellet grill is sure to make a big difference in the quality of BBQ it turns out, so stay on top of the cleaning with the above tips.

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