Barbecue is one of the most popular cooking styles in the world today. A backyard BBQ party is a great way to bring family and friends together for an afternoon or evening of great fun and tasty food. A barbecue cook-off can be a great way to meet new people and showcase your BBQ skills at the same time. A little friendly competition is always fun and in this case, your guests will be able to enjoy the delicious BBQ delicacies prepared by the contestants too! While hosting a BBQ competition can be a great way to spend a summer evening, it requires quite a lot of planning and preparation. The following pointers will give you a starting point for the process and guide you through it.

It is best to start planning your BBQ cook-off a few weeks before you actually plan to have it. A good place to start is finding an appropriate venue for the competition. If you plan to have a small cook-off, with your friends and family as contestants, your own backyard would be the best place to host it. If you cannot accommodate enough people in your backyard, a nearby park or fairgrounds would work as well. Just make sure whichever location you choose has facilities for water and power.

Having a themed barbecue cook-off would add even more fun to the experience. Make sure to choose a versatile theme that people would be able to relate with. Some examples are, a seafood-themed BBQ, best ribs competition or even the best burger cook-off. If you have a lot of people taking part, you could have a number of small competitions in various categories.

Sending out invites plenty of time in advance is absolutely vital for the success of your BBQ. Make sure to give your guests adequate time to prepare for the competition. If you plan to have any rules or a particular theme, notify your guests about it at least a few days in advance. Deciding the judges is another important aspect to be considered. A judge can be an expert BBQ connoisseur, a well-known and respected member of your local community or even just a regular foodie. A mixture of professionals and amateurs would be the best bet for an unbiased judging panel. As sampling all the tasty BBQ dishes is probably the best part of a BBQ competition, you could allow the audience to sample the food once the judges have made their decision.

Lastly, turning your BBQ cook-off into a fundraiser for a social cause would not only benefit those in need, it would increase participation and interest too. You could do this by having competitors pay a nominal fee to participate or even selling tickets to the audience and allowing them to buy the food prepared by the contestants.

Organizing a BBQ cook-off may seem like an intimidating task but if you lay down a list of things to be done and begin preparation a few weeks before the actual event, you will find it very easy and your competition is sure to be a great success.

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