Today I have an amazing recipe for your electric smoker u will need to go to the grocery store because it has a lot of ingredients because it would taste amazing all you need to do is put some efforts and have some patience that’s all I believe so let’s get started.

Ingredients that you would need are given below-

  1. Apple wood chips ( 4 cups )
  2. Fresh turkey thawed ( 1 of 12 pounds )
  3. Extra virgin olive oil ( 3 tablespoons )
  4. Kosher salt ( 2 ½ teaspoons )
  5. Fresh sage ( chopped, 1 tablespoon)
  6. Fresh thyme ( chopped, teaspoon )
  7. Masterbuilt 20070311 Electric Smokers
  8. Paprika ( 1 ½ teaspoon )
  9. Fresh oregano ( 1 teaspoon, chopped )
  10. Garlic powder ( 1 teaspoon )
  11. Water ( 1 cup )
  12. Onion ( chopped ½ cup )
  13. Carrot ( chopped ½ cup )
  14. Celery ( chopped ½ cup)

Once you get all your ingredients you need to soak your wood chips in water for at least an hour and don’t forget to drain it well once you get done with the wood chips remove giblets and neck from the turkey don’t throw them just keep them aside but yes discard liver and then pat turkey totally dry do trim the fat and then tuck the wings under the turkey after doing this combine all the oils and the 7 ingredients which are mentioned in the list above till garlic powder now its time that you rub the oil mixture all over the breasts, drumsticks and don’t forget to the loosened skin people always forget about it and don’t even forget about the legs you need to tie them together – take an aluminum foil roasting pan and put water, carrot, onion , celery then place the roasting rack in the pan after this let it be at room temp for an hour . if you wish to go for indirect grilling then just remove the grilling rack do the pre –heat thing using both of the burners once you get done with the preheating thing turn one of the burner off go for the left one take 2 cups of wood chips and heat on the right side replace your grill rack with roasting an and place the turkey on the grill rack not on the right burner but on the left one and cover it after covering grill for about 2 hours and some 45 minutes the temperature should be maintained around 300 – 350 degree and halfway down add the left over 2 cups of wood chips time to take your cutting board out place your turkey on it and then let it stand still for about 30 – 60 minutes after 30 -60 minutes discard the skin of the turkey . that’s all for the turkey I hope you like it and find it easy do right us about how your experience was and how good your efforts taste.

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