Being a foodie I keep going through different websites in search of amazing recipes to try at home so one day shockingly I was not hungry , yes it is shocking as I be hungry 24/7 but that I had a wish to try something new and I was craving for something good something delicious so in search of something good I was going through some websites and I found something so I called up my best friend and then he came to my place to cook it for me he asked me to print the recipe for him so that he can make it without any drama though as always he cut shorted the recipe according to his convenience and asked me to go to the grocery store which I didn’t go because I m lazy I think I don’t need to tell you how lazy I’m you would have got it in the above lines so basically I m a combination of foodie and lazy and my taste buds live happily all because my best friend James can cook, thank god he is in my life I don’t know what I would have done without my personal chief . enough of the story lets come to the point I m sharing his recipe for smoked brisket btw I love grilled and smoked food and that’s why I have Masterbuilt’s electric smoker, below is the list of ingredients’ you would need if any of these is not at home just go straight to the grocery store.

1. Sugar ( ¼ cup )
2. Salt ( ¼ cup )
3. Garlic powder (2 tablespoons )
4. Onion powder (2 tablespoons)
5. Spanish paprika (2tablespoon)
6. Chili powder (2tablespoon)
7. Celery salt ( 1 tablespoon )
8. Lemon pepper (1 tablespoon )
9. Grounded black pepper ( 1 tablespoon )
10. White pepper ( 1 tablespoon )
11. Cayenne pepper ( 1 tablespoon )
12. Flat cut beef brisket ( 1, 5 to 8 pounds )
13. Wood chips soaked in water for 30 minutes ( after 30 mins drain it, 4 cups )
14. Apple juice ( 1 cup )
15. Bbq sauce (1 ½ cup )

Once you get all the indigents’ get onto mixing the all the spices and then rub them on the meat properly , don’t leave any side of the meat rub the spice mixture properly after seasoning the brisket properly cover the brisket and let it be at room temperature by the time you light your smoker or grill btw don’t leave your brisket at room temperature for an hour . when your grill or smoker reaches to 220 – 225 degrees F you need ¼ of your wood chips over the coals you have purchased from the market and then close the gate of smoker / grill its time you put your beef brisket on your grill and then you need to close the lid properly . you need to maintain a 200 – 225 degree f inside the grill you need to keep adding coals every 2 hours and the most important thing is that you need to spray apple juice over the beef brisket every time you add new coal in the grill avoid lifting the lid again and again . after 4-5 hours of grilling take the brisket off and wrap it properly ( aluminum foil ) to keep the juice from leaking keep the beef brisket back on the grill once you find it to be tender after it let it rest for about 45 min and after 45 min unwrap it.

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